Ultra+ VHDCI 0.8mm Pitch Interconnect

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Molex's Ultra+ VHDCI (Very High Density Cable Interconnect) 0.80mm (.031") pitch connector system is a leader among the next generation of high-density I/O interconnects. These 68 circuit connectors are designed for high performance memory transfer applications supporting the latest SCSI style interfaces. They offer increased density compared to existing SCSI connector styles. They are also suited for other high density I/O needs.

Our receptacles feature options enhanced shields with multiple contact points for improved EMI/RFI performance. All of the VHDCI connectors feature superior leaf/ribbon style contact and meet EIA, ANSI/SFF-8441and SPI-4 specifications to ensure intermatability with conforming products.

The Ultra+ VHDCI connectors feature "blade on beam" style contact, reduced size, increased robustness, improved electrical performance and higher density are a few other reasons why Ultra+ VHDCI is the preferred choice.


  • Blade on Beam contact system, Bullet nose lead-in 27% smaller than SCSI-3
    • Minimizes stubbing and improves insertion
    • Reduced size and increased density
  • Meets EIA, ANSI/SFF-8441and SPI-4 specifications
    • Ensure intermatability with conforming products
  • Enhanced shields with multiple contact points
    • Improved EMI/RFI performance and Improved electrical performance
  • Offset plug backshells
    • Allows for tighter spacing requirements and belly-to-belly cable stacking
  • Diverse standard cable assembly product offering Lead-free process compatible and RoHS complaint
    • Provides an off the shell solution for ready to use applications that meets all RoHS manufacturing requirements


  • RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks)
  • Workstations
  • Tape & Disk Drives
  • Telecom
  • Networking
  • Mainframes
  • Datacom
  • File servers
  • Test and Measurement
  • Medical
  • Industrial Computing
  • Military (not MIL spec)
  • Applications requiring hi-speed memory transfers