Beau® Eurostyle Terminal Blocks

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Molex Beau® Eurostyle Terminal Blocks Meet All Industry Standards for Pitch Spacing!

Eurostyle terminal blocks from Molex are available in both single piece fixed, and two-piece pluggable. Eurostyle pluggable two-piece blocks consist of vertical or right angle plugs and vertical, right angle or dual level headers. Fixed mount blocks are also available in vertical and right angle as well as in single, dual or tri-level styles. Multi-level products feature a dovetail design allowing for larger circuits to be easily assembled. Eurostyle terminal blocks have a standard polarizing feature, making many of them compatible with other industry standard blocks.


  • Rising cage pressure clamp
  • Fixed or pluggable design
  • Dovetail feature
  • Polarization features
  • Optional retention screws and inserts
  • Provides a secure and reliable contact without strand damage or intermittence
  • Design flexibility
  • Allows for easy assembly of larger circuits
  • Prevents mismating
  • Secure the plug to the header to prevent accidental disconnection


  • Factory Automation Equipment
  • Motor Drives
  • Amplifiers
  • Step Motors
  • Controllers
  • Audio Equipment