4MM Positive Locking Terminal Block

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Positive Locking Terminal Blocks Connection System The new 4.00mm (.157") pitch positive-locking terminal block connection system from Molex takes their already popular and patented design to the next level. Modeled after the Eurostyle™ Series 39980, 5.08mm (.200") pitch and Eurostyle Series 39990, 5.00mm (.197") pitch products, this 4.00mm (.157") pitch system performs exactly the same as its larger relatives but takes up less space on the board.

With today's trend towards miniaturization, this system allows customers to use up to 12 AWG wire to bring 10.0A of current directly to the board with a smaller pitch, conserving valuable PCB real estate without sacrificing performance. The unique positive-locking feature requires a standard screwdriver to disengage plug from header. Once mated, the connection is secure even in vibration prone applications. The positive locking terminal blocks connection system is available in circuit sizes 2 through 12.


  • Specially designed rising cage clamp
  • Offers greater pressure for securing stranded wires
  • Positive-locking system
  • Provides an audible and visual mating verification Resists vibration and wire loads and requires a screwdriver to disengage plug from header Polarization feature eliminates the potential for mis-mating, facilitates blind-mating and can be molded in any location to enable custom keying
  • Surface mount compatible resists the intrusive reflow soldering temperatures, eliminating the need for a secondary wave soldering operation


  • Instrumentation
  • Sensors and transmitters
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Elevator and conveyance controls
  • Large-scale integration
  • Industrial network interface
  • High-end security and building controls