Bus Bar Connectors (BBC)


New telecommunication and high-end computing equipment require increasing amounts of current from power supplies. To meet this challenge, Molex offers the Bus Bar Connector (BBC) for high-current power. The BBC is a compact, high current connector for direct mating of two perpendicular power bus bars typically found in power supply or switching power supply applications. Rated up to 320.0A, the BBC offers over 20% more current than competing products. The higher current provides increased power or safety factor for customer applications. The high performance, contact design offers true hot pluggability. The parallel contacts free-float within the BBC housing to facilitate blind mating with the bus bar tab. The BBC's mounting dimensions are identical to competing connectors for easy second sourcing opportunities.  


  • Top entry of the connector mates with a standard 25.4mm (1.000″) wide by 3.18mm (.125″) thick bus bar tab
  • Rated up to 320A
  • Isolated left and right contacts
  • Rated for current interruption
  • Low voltage drop
  • Float mount design
  • Mounts to a bus bar via two 4.32mm (.170″) diameter holes using customer supplied (8″ x 32″ thread) machine screw
  • Dimensionally compatible with comopetitive connectors
  • Facilitates mating with de facto output blades for typical power supply applications
  • For high-current applications
  • Provide option for power feed and return when BBC is mounted to laminated bus bar
  • Matches true hot-plugging requirements
  • For minimal heat generation
  • Provides up to 6° of misalignment to blind-mate with bus bar tab
  • Screw-mount design for secure fastening to bus bar
  • Drop-in replacement for second source opportunities


  • Bus Bar Power Distribution
  • Power Racks
  • Rack-mounted Power Supplies
  • Telecommunication Equipment
    • Networking Hubs, Switches, & Routers
  • High-Midrange Computing
    • Servers
    • Data Storage
    • Power Supplies
  • Cellular Communications
    • Base Stations