PowerPlane Bus Bar

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PowerPlane Bus Bar Power Connectors deliver high-current performance along with various configurations and feature options, making them applicable for a wide range of power-distribution applications.


  • Float-mount design available
  • Isolated left and right contacts
  • Mating with a standard 25.40 by 3.18mm thick bus bar tab
  • Mounts to a bus bar via two holes using customer-supplied machine screws
  • Low voltage drop
  • Right-angle entry of the connector mates with a standard 25.40 by 3.18mm thick bus bar tab
  • Press-fit and through-hole versions available
  • Endures 200 mating cycles
  • Gold-plating on mating surfaces


  • Telecommunications
    • Base stations
    • Routers
    • Switches
  • Networking
    • Interfaces
    • Equipment
    • Power supplies
    • Rack mount servers
  • Data Centers
    • Routers
  • Consumer
    • Power connections
  • Industrial
  • Energy storage systems
  • Commercial Vehicles