OKD Series 132 & 165 Watt PoL DC-DC Converter

Murata Power Solutions
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The OKD series of non-isolated point-of-load (PoL) DC/DC converters from Murata Power Solutions is available in three different package formats: through-hole, single-in-line, and surface mount. The OKDx-T/20 is a 20 Amp, 66 Watt; the OKDx-T/25 is a 25 Amp, 82.5 Watt; the OKDx-T/40 is a 40 Amp, 132 Watt; and the OKDx-T/50 is a 50 Amp, 165 Watt digital DC/DC converter. These highly efficient (typically 97.2%), fully regulated converters offer a high power density and measure just 30.85 x 20.0 x 8.2 mm.

The PMBus™ interface facilitates power management features not previously available in analog PoL converters. By interfacing the OKD converter to the system’s I²C bus, a systems engineer can monitor critical system-level performance requirements that include Vin, Iin, Vout, Iout, and operating temperature. The PMBus™ can also be used to set warning flags for temperature, Vin, Vout, and Iout, and allows the user to customize parameters such as Vout, Vin turn on/off thresholds, output over voltage protection, output current limit, and ramp up characteristics, to name a few.

Advanced converter design features include digital current sharing (full power, no derating), non-linear transient response, optimized dead time control, synchronization, and phase spreading.

Accommodating the wide input voltage range from 4.5 to 14 VDC, the OKDx-T/40-W12 output voltage is programmable from 0.6 to 3.3 VDC. A GUI (Graphical User Interface) can be provided to assist the power engineer in designing a state-of-the-art power system.  


  • Small package
  • 0.6 V - 3.3 V output voltage range
  • Configuration and monitoring via PMBus
  • Synchonization & phase spreading
  • Current sharing, voltage tracking & voltage