PWR13 Series 1.5 Watts Unregulated DC/DC Converters

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The PWR13XXC Series offers a broad line of low-cost, high-isolation voltage, unregulated, single and dual output DC/DC converters in a 24-pin DIP package. These small converters offer a 4000V isolation rating in a 1.25" x 0.8" package area.

The dielectric withstand characteristics of each converter is tested in production to ensure barrier integrity. During the development of the PWR13XXC Series extensive testing was done to verify that subjecting the barrier to as many as ten barrier tests will not destroy the barrier.

The PWR13XXC Series uses advanced circuit design and packaging technology to realize superior reliability and performance. A 220kHz driven push-pull oscillator is used to ensure stable frequency and non-saturating operation of the input stage. This means there are no high peak voltages or currents like other design topologies, which can reduce unit reliability. Reliability is further enhanced by the use of MOSPOWER transistors. These rugged devices permit higher frequency operation with less complicated drive circuitry than is possible with bipolar power transistors. Reduced parts count adds to the reliability of the PWR13XXC Series.

The high efficiency of the PWR13XXC Series means less internal power dissipation. With less heat to dissipate, the PWR13XXC Series can operate over a wider ambient temperature range with no degradation of reliable operation.

The PWR13XXC Series offers the user low cost without sacrificing reliability. The use of surface mounted devices and manufacturing technologies make it possible to offer premium performance and low cost. Testing of the PWR13XXC isolation barrier is performed per the methods set forth by UL544, VDE750, CSA 22.2 and IEC 601-1.


  • ROHS Compliant
  • High Isoliation - 4000V Rating
  • 8000V Isoliation Test Voltage
  • Barrier 100% Production Tested
  • Low Barrier Capacitance - 10PF
  • Low Leakage Current - 2μA MAX
  • 24-Pin Dip Package
  • Internal Filtering


  • Biomedical Data Acquisition
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Analytical Measurements
  • Ground Loop Elimination
  • Intrinsic Safety Systems