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Murata's silicon capacitive sensors are made of single crystal silicon and glass. These materials ensure exceptional reliability, unprecedented accuracy and excellent stability over time and temperature. Manufacturing technologies are borrowed from semiconductor industry, which provides mass production capability and cost efficiency. Additional MEMS-specific technologies include wafer bonding and deep reactive ion etching of silicon.

Murata Electronics is using the simple and stable capacitive detection principle. It is based on the variation of the distance between two surfaces. The capacitance, or charge storage capacity of a pair of surfaces, depends on their distance and on the overlapping surface area. Murata Electronics' 3D MEMS sensors are robust structures that are very sensitive to inertial forces and pressure but are insensitive to other environmental variables and causes of failure. Symmetry and other sound design principles of the accelerometers and gyroscopes help to improve stability, linearity, cross-axis sensitivity and susceptibility to vibrations.


  • Accelerometers
    • Murata's accelerometers comply with the AEC Q100 Grade 1 (temperature range: -40°C to 125°C) automotive quality standard. These digital output accelerometers for automotive applications offer high reliability and performance, and are designed and manufactured for use in vehicle safety systems and electronic systems for vehicle body control.
  • Gyro/accelerometer combo sensors
    • Murata's new SCC1300 series of gyro/accelerometer combo sensors (integrated gyro sensor + accelerometer) feature high bias stability*7, high vibration resistance, and low noise characteristics. This makes them ideal for automotive and industrial applications that require reliable, high-performance sensors.
  • Inclinometers
    • Murata inclination sensors are an optimum choice for high accuracy leveling and inclination measurement instruments. They are insensitive to vibration thanks to over damped sensing element, and they can withstand mechanical shocks of 20000g
    • Murata inclinometers provide trouble-free measurements in moving machines, vehicles, airplanes, construction machines and handheld devices.



  • Measuring Instruments
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Transportation Vehicles
  • Healthcare Equipment