PRF, PRG, NCP Series PTC / NTC Thermistors

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Using Murata's semi-conductive ceramics and electrode printing technologies, we offer PTC Thermistors and NTC Thermistors that are indispensable for over current protection and temperature sensing applications in electronic equipment.

PRG Series: SMD series PTC thermistor for overcurrent protection with resettable function suitable for use as a current limiting resistor.

PRF Series: SMD series chip PTC Thermistor is for overheat sensing for power transistors, power diodes and power ICs in hybrid circuits.

NCP Series: SMD series NTC Thermistor is for temperature sensing and temperature compensation circuits.



  • PRG Series:
    • Rapid operation to protect the circuit in an overcurrent condition abnormality such as a short circuit
    • Resettable function with stable operation due to ceramic PTC
    • RoHS compliant
  • PRF Series
    • Excellent thermal response due to small size
    • Solid-state construction provides excellent mechanical vibration and impact resistance
    • Contactless operation provides noiseless operation
    • RoHS compliant
  • NCP Series:
    • Excellent long time aging stability
    • High accuracy in resistance and B-Constant
    • UL recognized
    • RoHS compliant


  • Over current protection
  • Temperature sensing / compensation