Triple Output, Isolated DC/DC Converters

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If your challenge is to power an entire mixedsignal, analog/digital, system partition from a single dc source voltage, Murata Power Solutions high-quality, triple-output DC/DC converters can provide your total solution.

Operating from inputs as low as 4.7V or as high as 75V, each of these full-featured power converters offers a 3.3V or 5V primary output (with current as high as 30 Amps) and either ±12V or ±15V auxiliary outputs (with currents as high as ±4.2 Amps).

Our versatile offering includes: the industry's smallest triples (1 x 2 inches, 25 x 50mm) at 8-22W power levels; slightly larger, wide-input (9-36V and 18-75V) devices at 20-30 Watt levels; and traditional 1/2-bricks at 100 Watts. One unique product offers 24, 48 and 72V outputs.

Before you buy two or three DC/DC converters to accomplish your task, see if a single 3-output device from Murata Power Solutions does the job.


TWR-new-sm.jpgHigh-Rel, 8-11W, Triple Output DC/DC Converters (TWR Series) | Murata-PS
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TWR-20W.jpg 20W, Triple Output DC/DC Converter (TWR-A Series) | Murata-PS
Among the three families of triple-output DC/DC converters in MPS’s A-Series, the 20W 2" x 2" devices are distinguished by their unique “power-sharing” architecture. This feature enables devices to deliver the full 20 Watts of output power under a variety of output-loading conditions. (View more)