Piezoelectric Sensors Ceramic Shock

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The shock sensor, PKGS series, is acceleration sensor with 2 terminals and detects acceleration & shock to be applied from outside, as electrical signal. By bimorph piezo elements clamped at the two-end with original polarization technology, the shock sensor has high sensitivity and excellent durability. The shock sensor is reflow solderable SMD type. The shock sensor can have inclined primary axis so that appropriate shock sensor can be chosen for shock detection in HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and optical pick-up control in optical drive & optical-magnetic Drive.


  • Small size, low profile, high sensitivity and excellent durability
  • Excellent linearity
  • High resonant frequency and wide bandwidth
  • Available tape and reel packaging
  • Reflowable


  • HDD data writing protection, while shock is applied from outside
  • Shock detection and protection in DVD, CD-R, CD-RW etc.
  • Pick-up control for disk type storage in Digital camera, Camcorder etc.
  • Other applications requiring acceleration detection