Automotive Products Catalog (HEV)

Ever-evolving automotive technology is no longer confined to the basic
vehicle functions of propulsion, steering, and braking. It is now expanding
into a variety of disciplines. Remarkable advances in automotive technology,
most notably in areas such as telematics, advanced safety features,
and environmental compatibility, have led to tremendous evolution in our
vehicles and our automotive society since the days when vehicles were
merely a means of getting around.
This evolution has been facilitated by electronic components that monitor
the vehicle inside and out and exchange information among the components.
Murata produces components that are so small and light you
wouldn’t even notice them on your fingertip and sensors and modules
made of materials we have engineered at the molecular level.
We are staking our future potential and the boundless development of
automobiles on these small electronic components. With our technology
and know-how, Murata will contribute to developing a “ubiquitous network
society” preserving the global environment, and creating a future with safer
and more comfortable automobiles.


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