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Modern vehicle design is driven by the need for increased comfort, safety and security. As a result, automobiles are becoming intelligent and increasingly reliant upon electronics. In the automotive sector, Murata's products are used in communication, safety, information, and power train systems, just to name a few. The acceptance of our capacitor products in these applications is based upon the core competencies of Murata - ceramic material and processing technology.

Murata's GCM series is designed for the more rigorous demands of safety, under-hood, and power train systems. Our GCM series is designed specifically to meet the test conditions of the AEC-Q200.


  • The GCM series meet AEC-Q200 requirements. 
  • Higher resistance of solder-leaching due to the Ni-barriered termination, applicable for reflow-soldering, and flow-soldering (GCM18/21/31 type only). 
  • The operating temperature range of R7/C7/5C series: -55 to 125 degree C. 
  • A wide selection of sizes is available, from miniature LxWxT:0.6x0.3x0.3mm to LxWxT: 3.2x2.5x2.5mm. 
  • The GCM series is available in paper or embossed tape and reel packaging for automatic placement. 
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Automotive electronic equipment 
    • Power-train
    • Safety equipment