RPE/RHEL/RHDL Series Radial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors

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Murata's radial leaded ceramic capacitors are ideal for a variety of automotive applications where the robust attributes of ceramic capacitors prove advantageous. Available in a variety of electrical performance , size and lead spacing options - along with RoHS certification and AEC-Q200 complance allow the designer to choose from a wide selection of ceramic leaded capacitors to meet circuit requirements.


  • RPE Series : 
  1. Small dimensions, large capacitance, and a capacity volume ratio of 10 micro Farad/cm cube, close to that of electric capacitors.
  2. No polarity. 
  3. Excellent frequency characteristics and due to these small internal inductance are suitable for high frequency. 
  4. Epoxy coated type which are highly inflammable, having characteristics equivalent to the UL94V-0 standard. 
  5. C0G (-25 to +125 degrees C. ) and X7R (-55 to +125 degrees C.) Temp. Char. available. 
  6. Voltage rating up to 100V. 
  • RHEL / RHDL Series : 
  1. Small size and large capacitance. 
  2. Low ESR and ESL suitable for high frequency. 
  3. Temperature rating up to 150 degrees C. (X8L Temp. Char.) 
  4. Voltage rating up to 100V. 
  5. Coated with epoxy (L=4.0mm) or silicon(L=4mm over) resin suitable for heat cycle. 
  6. RoHS compliant. 
  7. Meets AEC-Q200 requirements.


  • Automotive & Transportation