Ceramic Resonator 550ppm

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Murata ceramic resonator stability has been getting progressively closer to that of crystal oscillators (XO). Our CSTCE-XK now replaces +/-500ppm types. For some years now, the only advantage the XO had over the resonator was frequency stability. The XO is bigger, heavier and uses more power. Murata has been reducing that difference. The resonator has other advantages over the XO, the rise-time is about 100 times faster and a load capacitor is build in, reducing occupied space and machine cycles. Muratas range of frequencies with this stability is rising but 24MHz and 30MHz are in production now. These are ideal for the latest high speed USB applications. We recommend reflow soldering and optical positioning rather than mechanical. Packaging is in plastic tape with 3,000 pieces on 180mm reels or 9,000 on 330mm reels.


  • Faster rise-time
  • Frequency Range: 24MHz to 30MHz
  • RoHS compliant, compatible with lead-free soldering
  • Built-in load capacitors
  • Packaging: Tape and Reel, 3,000 pieces on 180mm or 9,000 pieces on 330mm


  • High Speed USB 2.0