Murata SAW Resonators


Murata has strengthened its current line-up of SAW resonators with the production of the industry's smallest product (3x3mm) for remote keyless entry (RKE) applications. This product is characterized by a low profile, low resistance, narrow tolerance, and high reliability. These characteristics allow for downsizing and a wide range of applications, such as TPMS.
Since these products have high frequency stability, it is possible to simplify external components in the resonator circuit. This allows for lower costs and non-adjusting circuits. Additionally, to make use of the products at regional frequency bands (U.S. - 400MHz, Europe - 800MHz, and Japan - 300MHz), the Murata SAW resonator line-up covers a wide range of resonating frequencies from 300-800MHz.

SARDA – Low-Profile Applications
We have reduced the height of existing models by less than 1.15mm to less than 0.85mm using our packaging technology.

SARCC3**/4**M**AXL – Low-Resistance Applications
We have reduced the resonant loss of less than 2.2dB in the existing model to less than 1.5dB (315MHz band) with our electrode design technology. Low electric energy consumption is realized.

SARCC3**/4**M**CXD – Narrow-Tolerance Applications
We have reduced the initial tolerance of ±170ppm in the existing model to ±50ppm (300MHz and 400MHz bands) by incorporating new processes.

SAR3**/4**M**SX – High-Reliability Applications
We have made automobile electronics applications possible (-40 to +125°C) by optimizing process parameters.

Murata SAW Resonator Diagram



  • Low profile at less than 0.85mm high (3.0x3.0x0.85mm maximum)
  • Low resistance, low resonant loss at less than 1.5dB (315MHz band)
  • Narrow tolerance ±50ppm compliant (300MHz and 400MHz bands)
  • High reliability operating temperature: -40°C - +125°C


  • Transmitters
  • Oscillator Receivers
  • Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Security Systems