AMR Sensors (Magnetic Switches)

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Murata offers a broad product portfolio of AMR sensors for wide range of consumer and industrial applications including open-close detection for consumer electronics and white goods, flow rate detection for smart gas and water meters, and position sensing for cylinder switches. More than 30 part numbers support diverse design and performance needs. Murata AMR sensor is a sensing device utilizing the Magneto Resistance effect. It is comprised of four AMR elements and a IC circuit. Features include high sensitivity, narrow sensitivity spec range, design flexibility, and reliable performance in different operating conditions.


  • Difference from Hall IC
    • AMR sensor detects a horizontal magnetic field which gives you Design Flexibility allowing a single magnet to support multiple sensing positions in terms of mounting locations.
    • By this feature, AMR sensor has a merit to be used even for the space conscious applications.
  • Difference from a reed switch
    • Small in size and relatively inexpensive in price.
    • Strong shock-tolerant and vibration-tolerant; which leads to high reliability.
    • Longer life expectancy thanks to its Contact-less feature. 



  • Consumer:
    • Mobile phones, Notebook PCs, Digital cameras and more
  • White Goods
    • Refrigerators, Washing machines and other Home appliances
  • Security equipments for doors/windows