Ferrite Beads BLMxxB/HB/HD/GA Series High Speed

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Murata offers a broad range of ferrite beads suitable for high speed noise suppression applications. Based on innovative materials technology, Murata is able to design a ferrite bead with sharper roll off characteristics required for high speed signals. Available in sizes from EIA 0201 to 0805 with a large selection of impedances from 10 - 1000 ohms ensures a wide variety of options available for designers to address their noise suppression requirements.


  • Low DC Resistance ensures higher efficiencies
  • Excellent performance in surface mount sizes
  • Wide operating temperature range of -55° to +125°C
  • Effective in circuits without stable ground lines
  • RoHS complinant


  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Controls
  • Portable Electronic Equipment
  • White Goods
  • Networking
  • PC Peripherals