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The Murata GJM series is a Hi-Q ultra small capacitor series for high frequency applications in the 500MHz to 10GHz range, suitable for VCO and PA module applications. The GJM series capacitor is made with copper electrodes as a cost effective solution for low ESR and power consumption due to the high Q (low loss) performance. A variety of tight tolerance versions are available, offered in EIA sizes 0201 and 0402 with a capacitance range of 0.2 to 20pF.


  • Copper Electrodes for High Q performance
  • EIA sizes of 0201 and 0402
  • Very low ESR
  • Frequency range of 500MHz to 10GHz
  • Cap. Range: 0.2 to 33pF
  • Temp. Char.: C0G (-55°C to 125°C with 0 ±30ppm/ °C)
  • Temp. Char.: C0H (-55°C to 125°C with 0 ±60ppm/ °C)
  • Available in voltages of 6.3, 25, 50VDC
  • RoHS Compliant


  • PA Modules
  • W-LAN
  • Wireless Modems
  • Remote Keyless Entry
  • Wireless PDAs
  • GPS - Antenna Matching