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"MAGICSTRAP®" can be easily assembled by means of reflow soldering and adhesive (electrically conductive or non-conductive) . Even if non-conductive adhesive is used, communication will take place when "MAGICSTRAP®" is bonded onto the antenna, and the RFID tag will function correctly.

"MAGICSTRAP®" has a very unique function to utilize conductive materials as booster antenna, when MAGICSTRAP® is correctly mounted in accordance with the reference design. For example, "MAGICSTRAP®" can add passive RFID tag function on ground plane of PCB (print circuit board) .

Additionally, "MAGICSTRAP®" is an ultra-miniature (ex. 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.6mm) robust package with impedance transformation function implemented by RF circuit in its LTCC substrate. Thus, even if "MAGICSTRAP®" does not have any additional antenna, "MAGICSTRAP®" can also work as a very small complete RFID tag for contact sensing.


  • I2C Interface / Compliant to EPC Global Class1 Gen2
    • Ultra small package (2 5 x 2 0 x 1 0mmtypical)
    • Supports wide frequency range from 865MHz to 928MHz, allowing cover of all globally relevant UHF frequency bands with a single design
    • I2C interface allows read/write capability from its built in memory
    • Fully compatible with conventional SMT equipment and reflow process
    • 100% green material for RoHS compliance
    • Internal 3.3kbit user memory available
    • Operating temperature -40oC ~ +85oC