SAW Radios

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The Murata Saw Radio transmitter modules are ideal for short-range wireless data applications where robust operation, small size and low power consumption are required. The transmitter includes provisions for on-off keyed (OOK) and ASK modulation. The transmitter employs SAW filtering to suppress output harmonics, facilitating compliance with FCC 15.249 and similar regulations. These, plus all configuration components in a ready-to-use PCB assembly, are excellent for prototyping and intermediate volume production runs.


  • Greater frequency stability, reliability and out-of-band rejection in a crowded frequency spectrum
  • Available in 300 MHz - 1 GHz frequency range
  • Provisions for OOK / ASK modulations
  • 1 kb/s - 1 Mb/s data rates


  • Wireless communication
  • Data transmission