POL DC-DC Converter - MYLG100503ERSB

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The MYLG100503ERSB offers customers a POL DC-DC Converter compatible with the intermediate bus architecture via it's wide input voltage range. The 4.5 volts to 14 volts specified for the input voltage allows for standard IBA bus voltage of 12V implementation or a variety of other possible requirements. It's broad programmable output voltage range of 0.59~5.5 volts at 3 amps allows design engineers excellent flexibility to introduce solutions for the many load requirements. The on/off remote logic feature provides a means for designers to improve system efficiencies by implementing positive logic control to ensure the converter is in operation only when necessary.


  • POL non-isolated DC-DC converter
  • Visual Inspection-Capable LGA structure
  • 4.5Vdc~14Vdc input voltage range
  • Programmable output voltage from 0.59~5.5V (3 Amps)
  • Positive Logic On/Off Control


  • Data Networks
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Industrial
  • Process Equipment