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Murata's PKL family of SMD piezoelectric sounders are provide in a 12mm x 12mm package, with a seated height of only 3.0mm, maximum. These devices employ a two-element piezo diaphragm for reproduction of a wide range of audio tones. Typical Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is 70dB @ 10 cm for a 2.0kHz, 3-Vpp, square wave signal, and 75dB @ 10 cm for a 4.0kHz, 3-Vpp square wave signal. An automotive grade version is offered for operation over the -40/+85°C temperature range. All products are RoHS compliant.


  • Miniaturized SMD package 
  • Reflow solderable 
  • Wideband frequency response 
  • Low power consumption 
  • Non-electromagnetic operation 
  • Best for dense, low profile designs 
  • Convenience in assembly 
  • Suitable for a variety of applications 
  • Required for battery-powered gear 
  • No EMI Concerns


  • Audio Signal Transducer for Miniaturized, Battery-Powered Equipment 
  • PDAs 
  • Games, Toys