PKM Series Piezoelectric Sounder

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Murata's PKM13/17/22/33/34/44 family of piezoelectric sounders feature a two-element piezoelectric diaphragm for reproduction of a wide range of audio tones which may be provided from any suitable signal source, including microprocessor-based tone generators, DTMF circuitry, and other similar drivers. The wide-band response of these devices enables their use in a variety of audio applications requiring musical tones, chimes and other sound effects, depending on the particular drive circuit used. Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) can range from 70 to 90 dB @ 10 cm, with drive signals from 3 Vpp to 30 Vpp (square wave). All products are RoHS compliant.


  • Low power consumption 
  • No contacts, therefore no noise and highly reliable
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Office Equipment 
  • Home Appliances 
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Audio Equipment