KX & KY IEC60384-14, Class X1, Y1 & Y2 Safety Capacitor

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The KX and KY Safety caps have internationally recognized certifications. They are used in power supplies as "across the line" and "line to ground" noise filters, switching and diode snubbers, and in primary and secondary coupling applications. They come in three temperature coefficients (TC's):

1X: SL +350~-1000ppm/℃ (+20~+85°C) (5% Capacitance tolerance (J))
B3: B +10%, -10% (-25 to +85°C) (10% Capacitance tolerance (K))
E3: E +20%, -55% (-25 to +85°C) (20% Capacitance tolerance (M))

Vertical Crimp Lead style is standard and available with long or short leads in bulk packing and taped in Ammo Pack. The working voltage is 250 VAC with a dielectric strength of 4000 VAC for 60 seconds for KX series. The KY series working voltage is 250 VAC with a dielectric strength of 2000 VAC for 60 seconds for 5mm lead spacing and 2600 VAC (r.m.s.) for 60 seconds with 7.5mm spacing. Murata has recently acquired safety certification under Chinese and Korean standards.

Capacitance range is 10 - 68 pF for SL TC, 100 - 680 pF for B TC and 1000 - 4700 pF for E TC (10,000 pF for 7.5mm spacing). The KX series is available in a new smaller body diameter size series (100 - 4700 pF) with the same certifications as the larger size series.


  • Working Voltage: 250 VAC
  • Dielectric Strength:
    • KX Series: 4000 VAC (r.m.s.)
    • KY series: 2000 VAC (r.m.s.) with 5mm lead spacing and 2600 VAC (r.m.s.) with 7.5mm lead spacing for 60 seconds.
  • Construction: Radial Leaded, Epoxy coated Disc capacitor
  • Package: Taped in Ammo Pack, Bulk
  • Size:
    • KX Series 8 - 12 mm (small size) or 9 - 15 mm (standard size) 
    • KY series: 8 - 10mm (5mm lead spacing) or 8 - 14mm (7.5mm lead spacing)
  • Taped version is compatible with high speed placement equipment
  • Bulk version is ideal for hand insertion (long or short leads available)


  • Across the Line (X1) or Line to Ground (Y1 or Y2)
  • Possible to use within an appliance requiring reinforced insulation and double insulation based on UL1492, IEC60065 and IEC60950
  • Ideal for use as a X/Y capacitor for AC line filtering
  • Ideal for use as primary-secondary coupling on switching power supplies and AC adaptors