UHM Series Low-ESR Capacitors


Low impedance is a feature of the Nichicon UHM series of electrolytic capacitors. With the addition of further ratings low impedance is now available for a number of higher capacitance values. Capacitance range has been extended from 330 to 12000uF (was 470 to 3300uF), tolerance is ±20% with low impedance now available (10, 9, and 8mΩ) for the higher capacitance values. Impedance range is from 8 to 30mΩ, working voltage 6.3 to 16V DC and maximum rating ripple 3250mA (was 2800mA). As a direct result of the wide -40 to +105°C temperature range, load life for the HM series is 2kh at 105°C (64kh at 55°C). For applications where space is at a premium, the radial lead electrolytic capacitors range in size from 8mm diameter by 11.5mm long to 18 x 25mm.


  • Lower impedance than HD, HC Series