500V High Voltage Long Life Snap-In Aluminum (LGN)

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By optimizing the GN series capacitor with a rated voltage of 500V through the application of high strength, high amplificaton electrolytic foil and rolling methods that Nichicon has cultivated over the years, it has been able to maintain the same size as the rest of the lineup.The GN series is a compact snap-in terminal type 105C aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The GN series lineup has a rated voltage range of 160-500V and has been highly regarded for power supply input smoothing and general purpose inverter power supply smoothing applications. Rated capacitance ranges from 56 to 390 microfarads. Product dimensions are from 22 x 25 L (mm) to 35 x 50 L (mm). The GN series has a long life endurance of 3000 hours at 105C.


• 500VDC
• 56 to 390 uF
• 22 x 25L (mm) to 35 x 50L (mm)
• Long life of 3000 hours at 105C


• Power Supply
• Inverter
• Power Supply Input Smoothing
• Bulk Storage Capacitor