Frameless Molded Tantalum Capacitor (F98U)

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Unlike conventional molded-type tantalum capacitors, the F98 Series face-down electrode-type adopts proprietary "FRAMELESS" structure in which the electrodes are pulled out while bypassing the lead frame. It thus has a higher volumetric efficiency than molded-type tantalum capacitors of the same size and achieves size reduction with a higher capacitance by housing advanced-capacitor elements. It is used in wide range of products including mobile devices such as smart phones, bluetooth, wireless modems and MP3. However, the trend toward smaller size, higher intelligence, and greater versatility of mobile devices has been advancing rapidly, and further expansion of capacitance is required for modern capacitors. In order to accommodate the market needs, the range of its F98 Series was expanded to include even higher-capacity products and the new F98 A Case (3216 size) and F98 P (2012 size). Samples of the new F98 A and P Case are available upon request.


• FRAMELESS (TM) Structure
• 5 Case Sizes Available: A, M, P, S, U
• Voltage Range: 4-25V
• Capacitance fom 1.0-330uF
• -55 to +125C
• Self-healing mechanism
• Smaller mounting surface ratio vs. standard molded tantalum chips
• Thinnest height in the industry


• Wireless Communications
• Input/Output Filtering
• Bulk Energy Storage
• Hearing Aids
• Cameras
• Audio
• Computer Hard Drives