High Voltage Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (PCV/PLV)

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The conductive polymer construction (solid electrolyte) provides for higher ripple current, smaller size and longer life when compared to equivalent standard aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Polymer capacitors have several advantages over the standard Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor. The polymer electrolyte has a higher conductivity than the liquid electrolyte used in standard capacitors, resulting in lower ESR. This permits a single polymer type capacitor to replace several aluminum electrolytic types, resulting in a reduction of board space used and total number of components on the board. The Aluminum Polymers are excellent for power supplies, power smoothing circuits for motherboards, games, car navigation, LCD and Plasma TVs as well as motherboard CPU backup circuits. The polymers are self-healing which means that the PEDT material in the capactors is able to expand and deflate with heat fluctuations and will not burst.


• Low ESR, High Ripple Current
• Excellent Frequency Characteristics
• Steady ESR and Capacitance
• 6.8 to 680 uF
• 16 to 125 V
• Capacitance Tolerance: +/-20% at 120Hz, 20C
• Long life of 3000 hours at 105C
• Replaces the Need for Multiple Capacitors: Cost Savings


• Power Supplies
• High Performance CPU/GPUs
• Graphic Cards
• LCD and Plasma TVs
• Gaming and Motherboards
• LED Lighting and projector
• LCD & DLP Projectors