Miniature Sized Long Life Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (ULD Series)

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The use of LED lighting has gained widespread popularity in recent years due to its energy conserving properties and its ability to maintain a long lifecycle. Therefore, the components used in LED lighting must also be able to endure long periods of use.

Due to this demand for longer-lasting aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Nichicon has developed the ULD series of long-life aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The ULD series is the optimal aluminum electrolytic capacitor solution for a variety of power sources, especially LED lighting. We use a highly reliable electrode foil and electrolyte in order to achieve the performance necessary for these applications.


• Long Life Assurance
• Wide Voltage Range
• Miniature Sized
• High Reliability and High Ripple Current


• Inverters/ Power Converters
• LED Drivers
• Smart Meters
• Power Supplies