Power Film Capacitors (ER Series)

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The ER series uses new advancements in creating thinner vapor-deposited film to achieve a 40% reduction in size (by volume) and 30% reduction in weight compared to the previous product. This resulted in the smallest such capacitor in the world. Nichicon has also taken user convenience into consideration with its new series. By creating a cylindrical construction using an aluminum casing - which makes for a safer vapor-deposited electrode capacitor - it provides a safety mechanism making it possible to separate the capacitor´s internal abnormalities from the power source while also extending the product lifespan.


• World´s smallest
• Oilless, environmentally-friendly capacitor
• Resin-mold type with safety mechanism
• Open-mode means better safety and more environmentally friendly design (energy conservation)
• Maintenance-free (long life, high reliability)


• Industrial equipment, Inverter smoothing circuit
• Railway-car, Motor control devices, Power conversion equipment
• Environment related equipment (Wind and Solar power systems)