Functional Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors

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Nichicon FPCAP Series Functional Polymer Capacitors are small aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors that offer higher performance (low resistance), greater reliability, large capacitance, high ripple current capability, and the reduction of high frequency noise. By using Functional Polymer cathode, frequency and temperature characteristics are greatly improved.

The entire Nichicon FPCAP series is lead-free and complies with RoHS and are available in radial leads and SMD types. Ideal applications for the FPCAP series are switching power supply and DC/DC converters, back-up power supplies of CPU (VRM, etc.), and miniature high power supplies.


• Long life and high reliability
• Low ESR at a high frequency rate
• High ripple current capability


• Switching power supplies
• Back up power supplies
• Miniature high power supply