High Performance Snap-In Capacitors

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Due to advances in industrial machinery efficiency, systems continue to require more compact, longer lasting, and more powerful components for inverter control circuits. Nichicon has snap- in type capacitors with rated voltages up to 500V and with 10,000 hours life at 105C. By making these upgrades, we have a selection of capacitors with optimal specifications ideal for control circuits, inverters, power supplies, solar and wind power, and other renewable energy equipment. There are many key advantages to our high performance electrolytic capacitors.


• Long life assurance
• High ripple current
• High reliability
• Suited for high frequency regenerative voltage for AC servomotors
• Suited for equipment down-sizing


• Power Electronics
    o Inverters in power supplies and industrial apparatuses
• Consumer Electronics
    o Large audio equipment such as Servo
• Transportation
    o Internal electronics systems in cars and busses