Surge Capable Thick Film Non Inductive Resistor (TFS Series)

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TFS series axial leaded resistors are available in six power ratings from 0.50 to 2 watts, with energy ratings from 6 to 55 joules. With 100 ppm TCR's and tolerances down to 1% these resistors offer more stable performance than composition resistors. TFS resistors offer performance characteristics not normally found in thick film construction. Most important is the high energy rating associated with each size. Energy ratings are optimized in the TFS series by two methods. First, the resistors are screen printed on both sides of the substrate, doubling the resistive material employed, and providing for equal heating of both sides during operation. Second, the "scan cut" laser trimming technique is used to adjust resistor values to tolerance, instead of the more common "plunge cut" variations. Equivalent scan cutting of both sides of the resistor leaves the mass of resistive element intact, rather than compromising it's integrity as in the case of low cost, high speed plunge cuts. The TFS series has voltage ratings from 3KV to 11KV, making it ideal for use when voltage related energy spikes are present.


• Non-inductive
• High energy ratings
• Tight tolerances
• Low profile
• Low TCR


• Defibrillator
• ECG and other Medical Cables
• High Voltage Power Supplies