30 Series High Energy Wirewound

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Ohmite Manufacturing's family of High Energy Wirewound Resistors employ special winding techniques to maximize the effective joule rating of each resistor. Most wirewound resistors are wound with the objective of meeting the stated power (wattage) rating and keeping cost low through the use of automatic winding equipment.

Ohmite High Energy Wirewounds are hand-wound in order to maintain the tightest possible pitch (space between windings) and thereby maximize the mass of the resistive element. Since no wire substitutions are allowed, and no abrasive adjusting is permitted in this family, Ohmite can publish a fixed joule rating and fusing current for each part number in the series.


• Established energy ratings
• Three styles available (axial, smd and aluminum housed)
• Multiple wattages available


• Smart Meters
• Voltage supplies
• Surge suppression