35 Watt TO220 Package Thick Film Power (TCH Series)

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Ohmite's TCH35 TO220 package resistor provides 35 watts of steady state power when properly used in today's well defined heat sink applications.

These very low inductance resistors are built under proprietary processes that deliver more power handling capability than other TO-220 package resistors of similar size.

Standard lead forms are provided for manual or automatic insertion.

A single screw mounting tab connects to the heat sink and should be accompanied by the use of a thermal compound. The TCH35 Series offers a low thermal resistance to the heat sink of <4.28°C/W.


• 35W Power Rating @ 25°C
• Very Low Inductance Design
• Manufactured in an ISO 9000 Registered Facility
• Single Screw Mounting Simplifies Heat Sink Attachment
• Low Thermal Resistance to Heat Sink @ RTH <4.28°C/W
• Resistance Element is Electrically Insulated from Metal Heat Sink Mounting Tab


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