20 Watt TO220 Package Thick Film Power (TAH Series)

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The TAH20 is a completely encapsulated thick film resistor in the TO220 package outline. Rated for 20 watts @ 25°C case temperature, these resistors are electrically isolated, and molded in a high temperature case.

Designed for heat sink mounting, the symmetrical package is ready for use with snap-on style heat sinks (we recommend use of thermal grease). The TAH20 Series has very low inductance, and is available in a wide range of resistance values in standard 5% tolerance. 1% tolerance is available by special order.


• 20 Watt Power Rating at 25°C Case Temperature
• High Pulse Tolerant Design
• Quick-snap Molded Package
• Very Low Inductance Design
• Resistor Package Electrically Isolated from Heat Sink
• Low Thermal Resistance to Heat Sink @ RTH<6.25°C/W
• Tube Packaging Available


• Frequency Conversion
• High Frequency Balancing
• Snubbers