Heatsink Resistors Product Family Overview



Ohmite-AHseries.jpgAH Series - Custom Extrusion Heatsinks
Multiple surface finishes available.  (More.)

C_series_ohmite.jpgC Series - TO-247 Package Heatsink
This series offers high performance, low cost and a compact heat sink with an integrated camming clip system for TO-247 packages (TO-220 and TO-264 available). (More.)

OHMITE-sinkC40.jpgC40 Series - High Performance Heatsink
Designed to provide engineers with a variety of cooling options, the C40 heatsinks feature flexible board mounted modular assembly that can be used in conjunction with up to four TO-247 and TO-264 power resistors, or similarly packaged passive and active components. (More.)

heatsinkD_ohmite.jpgD Series - SMT Compatible Heatsink
Ohmite D Series heatsinks provide an innovative solution for SMT compatible semiconductors and resistors. The unique design (Patent Pending) combines tin plated, solderable rods with an aluminum extruded heat sink body.  (More.)

E_series_ohmite.jpgE Series - TO-220 Compatible Heatsink

Vertical through-hole PCB mounting. (More.)

F_R_series_ohmite.jpgF/R Series - TO-218, TO-220 and TO-247 Compatible Heatsink
Vertical mounting with solderable pins.  (More.)

Mseries_heatsinks_ohmite.jpgM Series - Includes Clips for TO-264 and TO-247
Ohmite introduces the M series, patented (Pat. No. 7,151,669), high performance, low cost, configurable, scalable and compact heat sink with matrix clip system for TO-247 and TO-264 packages. (More.)

R2_220_ohmite.jpgR Series - No-screw Heatsink for TO-220 and TO-247
Ohmite’s R2 Series (patent pending) heatsink provides a large surface area along with Ohmite's C Series clipping mechanism to attach to a TO-220, TO-247, or TO-264 package.  (More.)

sink_s_ohmite.jpgS Series - LED Heatsink
Ohmite S Series LED Heatsinks are low cost and easy assembly heat sinks for “Star” LED packages supplied by Cree, Lumileds, Osram and others. (More.)

Wseries_ohmite.jpgW Series - Heatsinks for TO-220 and TO-247 Packages
The unique design (patent pending) of the W Series heat sinks combines a tin plated, solderable, integral spring clip with an extruded aluminum heat sink body for an all-in-one solution to through-hole mounting of TO-220, TO-247, and TO-264 packages. (More.)