Four Terminal High Precision Current Sense (LVK Series)

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Current sense resistors enable the measurement of current flow in a circuit by monitoring a voltage drop across a precisely calibrated resistance. The LVK chip features four terminals, also known as a "Kelvin" configuration. This configuration enables current to be applied through two opposite terminals and a sensing voltage to be measured across the other two terminals, eliminating the resistance and temperature coefficient of the terminals for a more accurate current measurement. Isolating the voltage and current terminals (see schematic) facilitates a very accurate current measurement. Ohmite's proprietary technology offers an excellent Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) even for very low resistance values. The resistive element consists of a durable, anti-corrosive metal alloy that combines reliable performance with the ability to withstand harsh environments. 


• Designed for automatic insertion
• Industry standard sizes
• High-precision kelvin connect capability in a small package



Datasheet (PDF)