No-Screw Heatsink for TO-220 and TO-247 (R2 Series)

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Ohmite’s R2 Series (patent pending) heatsink provides a large surface area along with Ohmite's C Series clipping mechanism to attach to a TO-220, TO-247, or TO-264 package. The self-aligning features of the clip assure secure attachment and enhanced thermal performance. Because no screws are required for device mounting, additional fins can be added to the rear side of the heatsink for increased total surface area in a more compact space.


• Reduced Assembly Cost: C Series camming clips make fasteners and fixtures obsolete, along with stray metal filings from tapped holes.
• Maximum Repeatability: clamping force of the clip is not degraded by repeated loading and unloading.
• Maximum Heat Transfer per Unit Space: maximum surface area per unit volume and consistent mounting force reduces thermal resistance
• Maximum Resistance to Shock and Vibration: lightweight, resilient clips lock the component in place and are highly resistant to shock and vibration
• Maximum Reliability: helps prevent short circuits by eliminating metal particles from thread tapping
• RoHS compliant