Vitreous Enamel Power Resistors (270 Series)

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Select 270 Type fixed resistors for applications requiring wattage ratings from 12 to 1000 watts.

The 270 Type resistors are equipped with lug terminals suitable for soldering or sturdy bolt connection. When secure mounting is required, the hollow core of these resistors permit fastening with spring-type brackets, thru bolts or thru bolts with slotted-steel brackets.

Suitable for rugged applications, the 270 Type resistors feature all-welded construction and durable lead free vitreous enamel coating.

Mounting brackets not included with resistors. 


• Terminals suitable for soldering or bolt connection
• High wattage applications
• Rugged lead free vitreous enamel coating
• Flame resistant coating
• All-welded construction
• "Fast on" option