High Current Round Edgewound

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These high current round edgewound resistors are available in a variety of ohm and current ratings common to transit use. A sturdy welded steel frame supports the refractory insulators. The frame is finished with a zinc chromate conversion for corrosion resistance. The ceramic insulators separate turns of the resistance elements from each other and the frame. The resistance element is a stainless steel strip, used for its corrosion resistance, negligible temperature coefficient, and Ohms per foot vs. current carrying capacity. The resistance element is created by edgewinding a stainless strip into a continuous coil of the proper length. Zinc plated terminals welded to the resistance element complete the assembly. Contact us with your specific needs.


• Up to 160 Amps of Continuous Current
• 10% tolerance standard
• Crosses to popular Ward Leonard and Westinghouse styles


• Dynamic braking
• Load banks
• Motor starting
• Plugging