Vitreous Enamel Adjustable Power (210 Series)

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Choose Ohmite’s 210 Type adjustable resistors for applications requiring settings at different resistance values. These wirewound resistors are equipped with an adjustable lug, making them ideal for adjusting circuits, obtaining odd resistance values and setting equipment to meet various line voltages. 210 Type resistors feature a hollow core to permit secure fastening with spring-type clips or thru bolts with washers. They also offer the durability of lead free vitreous enamel coating and all-welded construction. Mounting brackets not included with resistors.


• Power rating 12-1000 watts
• Resistance range 1-100K ohms
• 10% Tolerance std.; TCR 260ppm
• Adjustable lug supplied
• Overload of 10X wattage for 5 sec.
• Custom Core & Terminal available
• Mounting hardware available