PulsEaters® Ceramic Composition (A Series)

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The “A” Series non-inductive, ceramic composite resistors are designed for a variety of applications where high energy handling capabilities are crucial. These resistors are ideal for any application which is subject to surges, high peak power, or impulse energy. Their unique design allows uniform distribution of energy throughout their structure which results in low thermal stress. The high-temperature, solvent-resistant epoxy coating carries a UL94V0 flammability rating which is suitable for almost any environment.


• Power rating 2-5.5 watts
• Resistance range 1-10K ohms E12 values
• 10% Tolerance
• Up to 2800 Joules of energy handling
• Non inductive
• Ideal for surge applications
• RoHS Compliant


• Motor Drives
• Power Supplies, UPS
• Power Conversion
• In-Rush Current Limiting