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Ohmite Cabinet Product Assortments conveniently house some of our most popular products in sturdy, wall-mountable steel cabinets. Each cabinet contains 20 clear plastic drawers which can be subdivided by 2, making a total of 40 slots available. Upon opening the latched front cover, users will see an easy reference key describing the contents of each drawer. Every part number is a standard part, found in stock through our Distributor network. Smaller parts are contained in plastic vials to help users keep everything organized and simple to locate. Part number CAB-20 contains no products at all, just vials, so you can use it for any parts that fit in the 6” deep by 3” wide by 2” tall drawers.


• For prototype and lab design
• Contains most popular resistor and heatsink series
• 7 different cabinets assortments
• 20 drawers and 40 compartments
• Product Key with every cabinet