Manganin/NiCr Current Sense (EBW Series)

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The EBW Series is manufactured using electron-beam-welding technology, which allows the joining of different alloys with precision accuracy. Heavy copper terminals, capable of up to 180 amps, are welded to either Manganin (typically 86% copper, 12% manganese, and 2% nickel) or Nickel-Chromium resistor materials, depending on the desired resistance value. Lower values will always use Manganin and higher values migrate to NiCr. Because these resistors are pure alloy and copper, they can withstand very high soldering temperatures (up to 350 C for 30 seconds or 250 C for 10 minutes).

EBW Series comes in 2 sizes. The smaller of the 2 sizes (A) rests on a 4120 footprint. It comes in standard resistance values of 0.0005 ohms (5W), 0.001 ohms (4W), 0.002 ohms (4W), 0.003 ohms (3W) and 0.004 ohms (2.5W), all stocked at 1% tolerance on reels of 3000 or in 25 piece bags. The larger of the 2 sizes (B) is a 6030 footprint with 1% stocked (2000 piece reels or 25 piece bags) of 0.0002 ohms (7W), 0.0005 ohms (6W), 0.001 ohms (6W), 0.002 ohms (4W), and 0.003 ohms (3.5W).

The EWB Series offers the lowest resistance value of any Ohmite product thus far (0.0002 ohms) and therefore the highest continuous current rating for its size (180 amps).



• Current sensors for hybrid power sources
• Frequency converters
• High current automotive applications