Rheostat and Tap Switch Hardware

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Any knob can be used with any rheostat and tap switch model which has the corresponding shaft diameter. Knobs are fastened to shafts with slotted set screws.

Rheostat Tandem Coupling Kits:

Ohmite coupling kits permit tandem mounting of two rheostat units. A coupling fastens to the shaft of the back unit; projections on the coupling engage the recesses in the driving hub of the front unit. Each kit consists of a steel “U” frame, a coupling with set screw, mica washer, allen wrench and instructions.


Handsomely finished, black-enameled, aluminum dials for Ohmite rheostats and tap switches. Figures and lines are etched on a black background for contrast and ease of readability. On rheostat dials, divisions indicating approximate percentage of rheostat resistance in circuit are marked from 0 to 100. On tap switch dials, Number of dial positions are identical with number of switch positions.

Rheostat Repair Kits:

Electrical contact replacement kit. Kit includes contact/slip ring assemblies (for round and ribbon wire rheostats), copper graphite washer, spring arm and hub. Instructions included.