Thin Film TO-126 Resistor (TNP10 Series)

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Ohmite offers a high power heatsinkable TO-126 packaged resistor. They can achieve 1W in free air and 10W when attached to a proper heatsink. The non-inductive design is ideal for high speed circuits. These models exhibit low noise, high frequency operation and high density installation. Applications include: Constant current sources, electronic load circuits, LSI tests, measurement, audio PA systems and motor control.


  • Thin Film construction for stability
  • TCR values down to 50ppm
  • 10 watts with proper Heatsink
  • 1 watt power dissipation in free air
  • Compatible with Ohmite C series Heatsink


  • Constant current sources
  • Electronic load circuits
  • LSI tests
  • Measurement
  • Audio PA systems
  • Motor control