Safety Light Curtains

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Light Curtains
Dangerous points and hazardous areas are safeguarded with safety light curtains. Depending on the type, finger and hand protection are available with operating distances of up to 20m. They are available in safety category 4 (according to IEC 61496).  

Single Beam Safety Sensors
The fact that it is slender with M18-sized housing and an operating range of up to 10m or long operating range of up to 60m qualifies safety single-beam sensors to be used in safeguarding hazardous areas.
Resource Modules
RM Series resource modules provide the users of solid-state output safety light curtains a convenient and reliable method of enhancing and extending the capabilities of these light curtains. Inquire
Perimeter Access Guarding
Cost effective Perimeter Access Safety Light Curtains are available in two series. The PA4600 is ideal for guarding large machines or robot centers. The PA4600-BB offers 2 beams and is for short range applications less than 8 m.