Limit Switches

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Standard Size
omron-limit-switch-standard-sm.jpg Usable both for safety as well as non-safety applications, the general purpose limit switches in standard sized rugged metal housing provide high operational reliability and installation flexibility for connecting to PLCs as well as switching high loads directly.

Compact Size
omron-limit-switch-compact-size-sm.jpg The compact size and the rugged metal housing make the compact limit switches ideal for applications where space is crucial or protruding housings may interfere with machine operations.

Special Models
omron-limit-switch-special-models-sm.jpg For applications with high precision multi direction switching or special electrical, connectivity or installation requirements, the range of special switches offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry.

Enclosed Switches
omron-limit-switch-enclosed-sm.jpg This range of enclosed switches includes a number of easy-to-use and excellent-quality switches, such as ZE, ZV, ZV2 and ZC. These switches are all available in a wide variety of actuators and contact configurations.

Basic Switches
omron-limit-switch-basic-sm.jpg Basic Switches have a micro contact gap and operate at the specified movement, and force using a snap-action mechanism. They are available in models with double pole contacts, maintained operation, drip-proof, high-capacity, direct current, and high temperature.